1) Why: The first global meeting of the DWCPA Task force (Assignment and Focal Points) to meet and to discuss the implementation strategy.

2) Who: All the DWCPA focal points - (23 people)
DWCPA Assignment Team - (4 people)
12 Resource persons from partner organizations (first 2 days only)

A total of 60 people can be accommodated.

3) When:

Global Learning Event: International Good Practices on Country Analysis: 22-23 October 2012, ILO HQ in Geneva
Global DWCPA Focal Points Workshop: 24-26 October at the International Training Centre of the ILO, Turin

4) What:The main elements of the workshop are:
  • Exposure to other international organisations’ country analysis approaches (examples from WB, IMF, WTO, WHO, OECD, IHS, USDoL, US Department of State)
  • How is the ILO seen externally?
  • Working groups to consider the DWCPA concept, objectives, content, process and capacity requirements
  • Working group on capacity development needs of staff and constituents

The key objectives are:
  • To learn from international experiences in conducting country policy analysis and to build on these experiences for a more efficient development of the ILO methodology for the Decent Work Country Policy Analysis.
  • To provide an external perspective on the ILO as a member of the UN Country Team in order to inform our thinking on what role and competitive advantage the ILO can and should have
  • To bring together and build a sense of community between Assignment 2 Focal Points
  • To collectively present, discuss and shape the Assignment 2 Implementation strategy
  • To identify key areas for capacity building for ILO staff and for the ILO constituents

5) Programme: 2 days for knowledge sharing on country analysis. 2-3 days on DWCPA.

22 October
23 October
24 October
25 October
26 October
Developing high quality country analysis: comparative experiences of partner organizations
Lessons learned for the ILO
Where did we come from?
DWCPA building blocks
What would a DWCPA look like?
DWCPA objectives and content
Next steps of Assignment 2 Implementation Strategy
Developing high quality country analysis: comparative experiences of partner organizations

Where are we going? Building a comprehensive, integrated and sustainable methodology for decent work policy analysis
How would we do it?
DWCPA Process and capacity requirements/capacity building needs